Did you know that you can have wonderful carpeting, even in high-traffic spaces? If not, you'll want to find out more about why this is now possible than it's ever been before.

High traffic areas bring more considerations. But some carpet manufacturers have made it possible, with all the options you need.

What makes a floor covering suitable in high traffic areas?

Lots of foot traffic can crush your carpet, especially over time. It can make it dingy, stained, and faded, and these are not repairable once they happen.

When manufacturers build a floor covering for high traffic areas, they use care. Stain, odor, and crush resistance are built right into the fibers.

That means you won't see as much wear as products that don't include this. And with increased protection comes an increased lifespan.

Different types of traffic mean different types of carpet

Your traffic might come from adults, children, or pets. And each one brings other requirements for carpet types.

Adults are heavier, children are accident-prone, and pets shed their fur. So, ask which carpeting is rated for what kinds of traffic.

This is even more important if you have allergy sufferers in the home. Be sure to ask about high-traffic, hypoallergenic fiber.

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